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June 26, 2024
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The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, commonly known as PhilHealth, is a government-owned and controlled corporation established to ensure every Filipino has access to affordable healthcare services. As part of the Universal Health Care Act, PhilHealth provides members with various health insurance benefits and services, including inpatient and outpatient care, catastrophic coverage, and preventive health services.

For employers, registering with PhilHealth is necessary to ensure compliance with labor laws and provide employees with essential health insurance coverage. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how employers can register their business with PhilHealth in the Philippines.

Step-by-Step Process for Employer Registration with PhilHealth

  1. Prepare the Necessary Documents
    1. Before starting the registration process, employers must gather the required documents. These typically include:
  2. Complete the PhilHealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF)
    1. The PMRF is the primary form used to register an employer with PhilHealth. Employers must fill out this form accurately, providing details about the business, including its name, address, type of business, and other pertinent information.
  3. Submit the PMRF and Supporting Documents
    1. Employers must submit the completed PMRF along with the supporting documents to the nearest PhilHealth office. It is advisable to keep copies of all submitted documents for future reference.
  4. Obtain the Employer’s PhilHealth Number (EPN)
    1. Upon submission of the required documents, PhilHealth will process the registration and issue an Employer’s PhilHealth Number (EPN). This unique identifier will be used in all future transactions with PhilHealth.
  5. Register Employees with PhilHealth
    1. After obtaining the EPN, employers must register their employees with PhilHealth. This involves submitting the following documents:
      • Employee’s PhilHealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF)
      • List of employees with their corresponding PhilHealth Identification Numbers (PINs)
      • Copies of valid IDs of the employees
    2. Employers can also encourage their employees to update their personal information with PhilHealth to ensure seamless service delivery.
  6. Remit Contributions
    1. Employers are responsible for deducting the monthly PhilHealth contributions from their employees’ salaries and remitting them to PhilHealth. The contributions can be remitted through accredited collecting agents such as banks and payment centers.
  7. Regularly Update PhilHealth Records
    1. Employers must keep PhilHealth records up to date. Any changes in business details or employee information should be promptly reported to PhilHealth. Employers can update their records by submitting the appropriate forms and documents to the nearest PhilHealth office.
  8. Maintain Compliance
    1. Employers must ensure continuous compliance with PhilHealth regulations by regularly remitting contributions and keeping accurate records of all transactions. Non-compliance can result in penalties and disruptions in employees’ health insurance coverage.

Is Assistance Available?

Yes, we’re here to help. Securing social health insurance for your employees is a legal requirement in the Philippines. Ensuring compliance by registering both the employer and employees with PhilHealth is necessary to guarantee everyone’s access to proper healthcare.

Schedule an initial consultation with us to learn more about how we can help your company become registered and compliant with PhilHealth requirements. You may contact us through any of the following channels: