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Amid growing global concern about climate change and its repercussions, environmental regulations have become more stringent, especially in the Philippines. As a leading provider of environmental services, we offer an exceptional team of compliance consultants working closely with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
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In light of the global recognition of the adverse effects of climate change on our planet, governments worldwide have heightened their regulations concerning activities that impact the environment. In line with effective environmental management, the Philippine government has raised its standards of regulation and the associated permits required for businesses.

At Triple i Consulting, we have assembled a team of exceptional environmental compliance consultants who collaborate closely with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to ensure our clients can operate within the established regulations.

We offer a range of comprehensive environmental services, including:

Environmental Services Offered

Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC):

Any project that has the potential to harm the environment must obtain an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) prior to commencing. The project must comply with the environmental standards set by the EMB-DENR. The ECC is categorized into three types: Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC), Small Scale ECC, and Large Scale ECC. Triple i’s comprehensive environmental consulting services encompass reconnaissance surveillance, stakeholder consultation, impact assessment, and preparation of mitigation plans.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA):

It is crucial to evaluate the environmental impact of a project on its surrounding areas. Our team conducts on-site inspections for environmental scoping, planning, treatment facility layout, and determination of the project’s effects on the immediate environment.

Environmental Permits:

Businesses involved in activities such as wastewater discharge, generator operation, or handling hazardous materials must acquire various permits. Triple i’s environmental compliance consultants perform on-site testing to analyze water output, emissions, and other materials to ensure compliance, obtain necessary permits, and facilitate proper monitoring and compliance reporting.

Environmental Monitoring Compliance:

Qualifying companies are required to submit quarterly and semi-annual compliance reports to the DENR. Our environmental compliance consultants provide assistance to organizations in conducting thorough analyses of their current environmental compliance issues, helping them meet the DENR’s guidelines.

Pollution Cases:

Facilities operating without proper permits or licenses are highly likely to undergo investigation by the EMB-DENR. Typically, EMB-DENR conducts hearings to determine sanctions and penalties for companies operating without the necessary licenses. In such instances, Triple i’s environmental consultants can represent organizations in liaising with the local DENR and overseeing the hearing process.

Is Assistance Available?

In recent years, the significance of the environment in our daily lives has grown considerably. The increased regulatory standards by environmental agencies necessitate companies to be more environmentally conscious. With expertise in various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Urban Development, Livestock Farming, and Food Establishments, our team can provide comprehensive environmental consulting services tailored to your specific needs.

We are here to assist you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the following ways and schedule an initial consultation with one of our environmental compliance experts:


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