Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC Certificate)

Discover the Philippines' key to sustainable progress - the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC). For any visionary group or organization intending to initiate projects with an environmental impact, this certificate from the esteemed Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is required.
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An Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) is a document that needs to be secured by any group or organization that plans to implement any project or activity in the Philippines that may affect the environment. It is issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). On the other hand, projects deemed to take no part in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) by the DENR are issued an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).

Some Activities That Require Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC):

  • Agro-industrial developments (animal feedlots, fishponds, and large-scale commercial farming)
  • Development developments (commercial, housing, and industrial estates)
  • Industrial facilities (factories, oil refineries, and power plants)
  • Large-scale construction projects, including building bridges, highways, airports, and ports.
  • Logging and commercial tree farming
  • Mining operations (development and extraction of minerals and other natural resources)
  • Tourism and recreational facilities (beach resorts, golf courses, and theme parks)

General Requirements for Securing an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC):

  • Accomplished Project Environmental Monitoring and Audit Prioritization Scheme (PEMAPS)
  • Authorization from LGU verifying the compatibility of the proposed project to the existing land use plan
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report
  • Payment of fees: This will cover the EIA review and other administrative costs.
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Project description, including raw materials and the type of technology to be used
  • Geo-tagged photos of the proposed project site
  • Map of the project area and affected areas, displaying a minimum of 1 km from the project boundaries
  • Schematic diagram of the air pollution control facility 
  • Schematic diagram of the wastewater treatment facility 
  • Type and volume of products and discharges

Can You Help Me Get an ECC?

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