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A corporate treasurer in the Philippines manages financial assets, liquidity, and investments, ensuring effective cash management and advising on financial strategies for the organization.
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According to the Philippine Revised Corporation Code, the corporate treasurer holds a pivotal role among the top officers of a Philippine corporation, alongside the chairman, president, corporate secretary, and compliance officer.

As adept financial risk managers, corporate treasurers shield companies from various financial risks associated with business operations. These risks encompass credit, currency, interest rate, liquidity, and operational risks. The core responsibility of a corporate treasurer is developing and implementing policies outlining approved risk management methodologies.

Triple I Consulting, drawing upon over a decade of experience in outsourcing services, extends its Corporate Treasurer services to both locally-owned and foreign-owned companies operating in the Philippines. Our Corporate Treasurer service encompasses:

  1. Supervision and Presentation: Overseeing and presenting accounts, budgets, and financial statements to the management team.
  2. Risk Management: Ensuring proper management of budget and financial risks for your company.
  3. Banking Operations: Management of bank accounts and maintenance of bank relationships.
  4. System Establishment: Establishing systems for bookkeeping and payments.
  5. Compliance Assurance: Certifying compliance with local laws, relevant agencies, and global regulatory obligations related to treasury.
  6. Cash Flow Monitoring: Monitoring cash flows from business activities.
  7. Foreign Exchange Oversight: Observing foreign exchange, foreign exchange risk, hedging, and accounting positions.
  8. Reporting and Analysis: Preparing cash flow variance analysis and providing advice on investment policies.
  9. Controls and Processes Evaluation: Assessment of cash controls, processes, and financial service utilization.
  10. Legal Compliance: Ensuring fundraising and sales align with laws and adhere to proper economic systems and controls.

At Triple i Consulting, we stand ready to assist you in meeting your corporate requirements. With a focus on incorporation, immigration, and investment, our dedicated professionals are equipped to handle administrative tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your business objectives.

As a provider of comprehensive business services in the Philippines, our offerings include:

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