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Definition of a One Person Corporation

A one person corporation or OPC is a form of business structure with the qualities of both a sole proprietorship and a corporation. Introduced last 2019 in the Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines or Republic Act No. 11232, an OPC allow an individual to create an enterprise without requiring a board of directors. A one person corporation can have the owner as the president, director, and shareholder.

Pros and Cons of a One Person Corporation

As with all business entities, creating a one person corporation has its pros and cons. Read below to find out what they are.

Pros of a One Person Corporation

  • Existing corporations can restructure themselves as an OPC if an individual obtains all the enterprise shares. 
  • A foreigner may become the sole shareholder unless the industry he is engaged in is part of the Foreign Investment Negative List.
  • The sole shareholder has liabilities only up to the extent of his assets. 
  • The OPC’s legal entity, not the shareholder, is the one liable for the company’s debts. 
  • An OPC has perpetual existence despite bankruptcy, change of ownership, etc. 
  • It does not typically require a minimum capital requirement unless stated by the law.

Cons of a One Person Corporation

  • The income tax rate for corporations is thirty percent (30%) compared to sole proprietorships’ eight percent (8%). Despite this, corporations can benefit from more tax exemptions. 
  • Foreigners owning OPCs will not be able to incorporate their corporations if their industry belongs to the Foreign Investments Negative List. 
  • Requirements include the appointment of a treasurer, a secretary, and other officers within fifteen (15) days of setting up. 
  • The incorporation process includes depositing a paid-up share Philippine Peso capital equivalence of US$200,000 to a local Philippine bank.

Who Can Form a One Person Corporation

  • A natural person of legal age
  • Trust* 
  • Estate
  • A foreign natural person may also establish an OPC but is subject to capital requirements and limitations on foreign participation in specific investment areas.

*Trust does not refer to a trusted entity, but the subject being managed by the trustee

Who Cannot Form a One Person Corporation

  • Banks, non-bank financial institutions, and quasi-banks
  • A natural person licensed to exercise a profession**
  • Non-chartered government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCC)
  • Pre-need, trust, and insurance companies
  • Public and publicly listed companies

** If the purpose of the OPC establishment is to exercise their profession

General Requirements for OPC Registration

  • Articles of Incorporation stating:
    • Name of corporation
    • Name and details of the sole stockholder
    • Main objective
    • Terms of existence
    • Nominee and alternate nominee
    • Tax Identification Number and Passport Number
  • Letter of Intent (Cover Letter)
  • Consent Letter from the nominee or alternate nominee
  • Other requirements, if applicable:
    • Foreign Investments Act Application Form (FIA) for foreign natural persons
    • Authorization to act on behalf of the estate or trust 
    • Tax Identification Number for Filipino stockholder(s)
    • Tax Identification Number for foreign single stockholder
    • Affidavit to change company name if not incorporated in the Articles of Incorporation

Steps for One Person Corporation Registration

  • Check the availability of the proposed company name at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) office in Pasay City.
  • Submit required documents to SEC for assessment and processing. 
  • Pay the fees.
  • Submit copies of the signed and notarized documentary requirements and the proof of payment to the SEC Company Registration and Monitoring Department (CRMD). 
  • Claim your certificate of registration as an OPC from the SEC. 
  • Within 15 days after issuing the Certificate of Registration, the single stockholder must appoint a company treasure, secretary, and other officers. Afterward, the stockholder should inform the SEC within five days of the appointment.

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