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April 22, 2024
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Calculating an employee’s daily Rate of pay in the Philippines necessitates a clear understanding of the monthly Rate, which is the basic salary exclusive of deductions such as taxes, government contributions, and other variable pay components like bonuses and incentives. This guide provides a detailed methodology for calculating the daily and hourly rates under various work conditions.

Understanding Monthly Rate Deductions

The monthly Rate typically excludes:

  • Withholding taxes
  • Government-mandated contributions
  • Deductions due to tardiness and absences
  • Unpaid leaves

Additionally, pay elements such as overtime, rest days, special non-working and regular holidays, 13th-month pay, and other employer-specific incentives are calculated separately from the basic monthly Rate.

Daily Rate Calculation

The general formula to determine the daily Rate from the monthly salary is as follows:

  • Daily Rate=(Monthly Rate×12)/Total Working Days in a Year


  • The actual number of working days can vary, influenced by the number of work hours per day, leap years, and whether the employment spans weekdays or includes Saturdays.
  • Location-specific variations (urban vs rural) may affect the payment scales.

Standard Philippine Pay Calculation Formulas

  1. For Employees Working Monday to Friday (260 Days)
    1. If an employee works from Monday to Friday, the base calculation uses 260 days as the standard number of working days, which adjusts to 261 days in a leap year.
    2. Daily Rate=(Monthly Rate×12)/261 (Using P20,000 as an example monthly rate)
    3. Daily Rate = (P20,000×12)/261 = 919.54
  2. For Employees Working Monday to Saturday (331 Days)
    1. Employees who work six days a week have a total of 331 working days in a year.
    2. Daily Rate=(Monthly Rate×12)/331

Special Working Days and Holidays

  • Special Working Days: The pay is 130% of the daily Rate.
    • Pay = Daily Rate×1.30
  • Regular Holidays: The pay is 200% of the daily Rate and 260% if the holiday falls on a rest day.
    • Pay on Holiday = Daily Rate×2.00
    • Pay on Holiday on Rest Day = Daily Rate×2.60

Night Shift Differential

Night shift workers receive an additional 10% for hours worked between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

Hourly Rate = Daily Rate/8 (number of hours worked)

Night Differential = Hourly Rate×1.10×Number of Night Hours Worked

Overtime Pay

Overtime pay is 125% of the hourly pay rate for regular days, and higher rates apply for rest days and special days.

  • Regular Day Overtime:
    • Overtime Pay = Hourly Rate×1.25×Overtime Hours
  • Rest Day/Special Day Overtime:
    • Overtime Pay = Hourly Rate×1.69×Overtime Hours

Accurate computation of employee compensation is critical to maintaining fairness and transparency within your workforce in the Philippines. You can ensure precise payroll management by mastering the intricacies of daily and monthly rates and adhering to prescribed calculation methods—including those for special and regular holidays, 13th-month pay, and differences among various employee schedules. Moreover, understanding the applicable withholding taxes based on employees’ income and tax brackets is key to compliance with tax regulations.

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